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Dance Programs

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Dance Path

The experienced dance instructors at Niagara Academy for the Performing Arts take an educational and engaging approach to teaching students of all ages.

There are several dance disciplines to choose from starting from age 3! If you want more information about the dance programs or the studio, contact us today.


Ages 3-4

This program eases your child gently into the world of dance with creative and fun classes that run 45 minutes each. Your child will learn introductory exercises and the basic elements of stretching their feet, legs, using demi-pointe, as well as use of their arms and head, making this is an ideal based for learning ballet.

Students will learn gallops, ballet skips, marches and running on demi-pointe through movement in a circle, as well how to transition as a group from one position to the next.


Mini Age 5-6 | R.A.D Age 6-17

This program follows the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus (R.A.D.) This proven training format is used internationally as an effective way to teach ballet and develop a solid base for other dance styles.

Ballet classes at the Royal Academy consist of barre, centre practice and enchainments to help the steps flow together and to gain an understanding of patterning on the stage.

Pointe is offered for students aged 12 and older who have demonstrated strong development in their ballet skills. Pointe is a sought-after technique that requires high levels of balance and control to keep dancers on their toes.


Ages 6-17

If your child loves moving to upbeat music, then they’ll love traditional jazz classes. The fun-filled classes encourage flexibility, rhythm, soaring leaps, learning technical dance steps and incorporating style into the movements. Dancers will be given combinations each week to help them link the steps together and learn patterning with others on the stage.

Hip Hop

Ages 8-17

Take your child’s sense of rhythm to the next level with hip-hop dancing. This exciting style of dance focuses on fluid movements as well as isolated movements to bring out their inner performer. The dance instructors create a fun and energetic learning environment using age-appropriate music to encourage creativity. They also guide students through the most popular and up to date choreography styles.

Musical Theatre

Ages 8-12

If your child shows an interest in Broadway musicals, then musical theatre might be a good fit. Popular song choices in musical theatre are from popular productions including The Wizard of Oz, Annie, Rock of Ages, and many more. This style of performance encourages students to match lyrics with dance movements and lip-synching. Musical theatre lets children unleash their personality and learn some basic acting skills in the process.


Ages 10+

Tap into your child’s potential with tap dance lessons! Tap is an energetic style which uses tap shoes to create rhythms. Students will learn coordination and how to create the best sounds by moving their feet.

The focus is on rhythm and agility, but fun is also a big component of tap!


Ages 12-17

Lyrical is a special blend of ballet, jazz and contemporary techniques aimed at ballet dancers. Students in this program learn how to interpret music and express it through dance. Classes focus on building musicality, flexibility and technique. They teach students how to connect with the audience and to convey emotion through their movements. Dance instructors will bring new and creative ideas to push the potential of each dancer.

Online registration starts Monday August 16th

IN-PERSON REGISTRATION: Wednesday, August 25th from 6:00-8:00 pm AND Thursday, September 2nd from 6:00-8:00 pm

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